Cassidy Martin

Cassidy is a Licenced Nail Artist living in Seattle, originally from Eastern WA.

Beginning at the age of 12 I began collecting nail polish. My childhood play soon turned into a full out obsession with polish and the newest colors being released. Every time I went into my salon I was always showing pictures and begging my manicurist to do nail art for me. After never getting quite what I had envisioned I turned to nail art videos on Youtube. After a year of doing my own nail art I decided in 2010 to move to Seattle and enroll in nail school. Upon completion of nail school and obtaining my licence I began work immediately at Julep Nail Parlor. 

Soon after I began working in the salon Julep HQ got word that I loved nail art. In 2012 I started at Julep HQ doing nail art and manicures for the blog and website. Surrounded my an extremely talented group of creative minds I was able to take my craft to the next level. 

I am available for weddings and freelance work such as corporate shoots, catalog and advertising. Feel free to contact me for any inquires.